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Appreciated since ancient times by the biggest civilizations, olive oil is used, also nowadays, during religious rites as the basis of recipes of popular medicine for healing burns and scalds, itching and dermatitis. Thank to its emollient and moisturizing properties, it was a fundamental element for for the cosmetics of the past.

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Extra virgin olive oil



Extra virgin olive oil is the only vegetable oil, which is obtained with mechanical processes, without manipulations or chemical additives, unlike the other seed oils.

For obtaining a quality extra virgin olive oil in Tuscany, the quality of olives, plucked and not gathered, is important, as well as the method of pressing and cold extraction; all these factors are useful for obtaining a slightly piquant oil, with a touch of bitterness and a deep green colour.

Beside the classic extra virgin olive oil, we offer a very special selection:


- the IGP Toscano: due to our ideal geographical location, climatic and environmental conditions, different and various ways to cultivate olive trees, the oil we produce has a smooth and fruitybtaste, nuanced by artichoke, thristle, grass clippings and almond flavors, mixed to bitter and spicy notes, tipical qualities of tuscan oil. The "consorzio dell'Olio Toscano IGP" (IGP tuscan oil contest) ensures that, in the oil production, from the harvest, to the pressing and bottling, every step is done among the natural regional boundaries, in order to obtain the label of Olio Extra vergine di Oliva IGP Toscano (IGP tuscan extra virgin olive oil).


- the Oleum: Paolo Annessi in person selects the best lots of olives, which are plucked as soon as they begin to ripen, with the pulp that isen' t ripe yet. Thanks to a process of grinding with a low oxidation and a low temperature, a meticolous check of the acidity and the peroxides, we are able to obtain, with vanguard machineries, a high level product with a clean taste of fruit, which is able to maintain the same characteristics for more than two years.


- the Mignolo: the Mignola is a cultivar of olives typical of the Pisa hills. The Mignola olives ripen late (December) and are collected separately. The oil is fruity and the oil has notes markedly bitter and slightly spicy after taste that persists due to the high content of polyphenols.

Biological extra virgin oil

Extra virgin olive oil from biological agricolture is obtained by working olives cultivated with natural methods and without the use of pesticides. Biological olives, which are waiting for pressing, are kept separately from conventional ones. As regards the grinding too, biological olives do not come in contact with other olives.

All processes involving the production of biological extra virgin oil are strictly surveyed by the competent authority such as ICEA and ARSIA.

Enriched oils

Oils enriched with spices and rustic scents; these are our aromatised oils, obtained with natural processing techniques.

Rosemary, marjoram and garlic to exalt the flavour of grilled meats; basil, paprika and truffle to make of a simple dish of pasta a real moment of pleasure. Lemon, making salads and seafood even more tasty.

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